Lessons, Wisdom, & What I’ve Learned from at Compete Every Day

We celebrate our 150th (!) podcast episode by flipping the tables and welcoming James Leath of Unleash the Athlete (episode 2 this season!) as he sits down as your host to interview me about what I’ve learned over the last 8 years at Compete Every Day.

We discuss what I’ve learned after 150 episodes on the Compete Podcast, and dive into my journey for the first time. Topics discussed include:

  • My own health journey from overweight to active
  • Why you have to be “SELFISH” to be successful in serving others
  • What does “being a better leader” actually mean
  • Why I use “Competitor” interchangeably when discussing “Leaders”
  • How a loss of identity also ruined my life
  • How I learned to get past comparison – and focus instead on my lane
  • The importance of creating experiences for my community and speaking audiences
  • The only two things that matter in your legacy
  • Why did we start with – and stick with – apparel at Compete Every Day
  • How to batch your marketing and life to better focus on what matters

And mostly, what it means to Compete Every Day! I really enjoyed this conversation and the opportunity to share my passion and what matters most to me, with you. I hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 150