The Power of Positivity with Jon Gordon

For Jon Gordon, life has been a journey and faith has been at the core of it all. In his early 30s, he entered into a time of questioning and exploration. It led him to read about different religions and types of spirituality and by the time he was in his mid-30s, he decided he wanted to get baptized. Through these varied experiences, Gordon learned to identify his core purpose in life, which he says is crucial for thoughtful decision-making.

You have to know what you stand for, know what you’re here to do, and understand your purpose and principles in order to make decisions that align with your goals and priorities. Distractions may try to pull away your focus, so it’s important to let go of thoughts and tasks that don’t support your journey forward. That means picking your battles and your moments to shine. Understand when it’s better not to enter into a debate or when it’s beneficial to voice your opinion. Once you understand the ideals that guide you, the path forward becomes much clearer.

Key Moments You Don’t Want To Miss:

  1. Mind Games How Jon Gordon learned to understand his mind and turned his life around
  2. Seeking Answers How a spiritual journey led Gordon to identify his core purpose and principles 
  3. Staying True Why Gordon decided not to apply for business relief funding during COVID and the opportunities that followed
  4. A Work in Progress How Gordon came to realize the importance learning from his mistakes and seeing that we are all flawed people

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discover your purpose
  • Feed the positive every day
  • Follow your principles
  • Get rid of distractions
  • Recognize the power of faith and love


“For me, I had to win the battle of my mind in order to create the life I wanted to create.” -Jon Gordon

“Decisions are easy to make once you know your purpose, what you stand for, what’s important, what matters most. Distractions are the enemy of greatness.” -Jon Gordon

“If you focus on the fruit and you ignore the root, the tree dies. If you invest in the root and make that your No. 1 priority, you’re going to get great fruit.” -Jon Gordon


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