Win in the Dark with Lucas Jadin

It can be easy to get stuck in a mental prison where your outlook on life focuses on your fears and insecurities, rather than your potential. It takes self-awareness and a willingness to challenge your inner voice to break free of these internal weights holding you down. This week, author and mental architect Lucas Jadin talks about the power of mental preparation and resiliency and how to commit to unpacking the mental side of life.

Too often, people try to fix internal problems with external solutions. While they may provide a temporary distraction, they will never lead to a long-term resolution. That’s why it’s critical to find the root of these problems, so they can be fixed where they start. It means coming to terms with sometimes long-held fears and insecurities, but the payoff is a life that can fill the space left when you are free of limitations.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Offense, Not Defense How Lucas Jadin committed to staying ahead of the game when it came to mental preparation 
  2. Discovering a Superpower How he overcame the initial challenge of gaining self-awareness and learned to harness it
  3. Facing Fear When he realized that no matter how successful a person is, they can still have a fear of judgment and failure holding them back
  4. Behind the Scenes Why he was inspired to write a book about all of the unseen work that happens on the road to success

What You’ll Learn:

  • You are not your thoughts and emotions
  • Strive to gain self-awareness
  • Write down and challenge what your inner voice says
  • Trust in the process of life
  • Build a resilient outlook


“I truly don’t believe there’s anything that’s robbing us more of our potential and becoming our best than fear of what other people think.” -Lucas Jadin

“Past hurt informs future fears. Most people are operating from unconscious reactions instead of conscious creations. And when you operate from that, you’re always just trying to keep your head above water, which is playing it safe.” -Lucas Jadin

“In your toughest moments, are you able to stay free, keep your heart open, and show resilience?” -Lucas Jadin


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