Work on Your Game with Dre Baldwin

Dre Baldwin wasn’t always the most talented player on his team. But what he always had was a love of competition, a strong drive to succeed, and a healthy dose of discipline. After a later start to his basketball career, he went on to play professionally overseas and then returned home to start his own business. In the years since he graduated, he’s built a name for himself as an author, speaker, and YouTube role model. This week, Baldwin talks about the power of trusting the process and putting in the work that will lead to success on and off the court.

You have to build a strong foundation and push yourself to visualize how you plan on reaching your goals, Baldwin says. One of the ways Baldwin did that in his own life was to focus on who he surrounded himself with. For example, in order to get better at school sports, he played one-on-one with the best players on his team. Even though they usually scored more points, he learned from playing against them regularly. Not only did those games help him build confidence, they helped him learn new skills from people who did them well. By working on strengthening his foundation, he was able to find success in the long-term.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Late Bloomer How Dre Baldwin fell in love with the competitive aspect of basketball and gained a spot on the team his senior year of high school
  2. Learning from the Best How he began to build his confidence by challenging himself to play against the most accomplished competitors on his team
  3. Building a Brand When he decided to start posting his practice videos to YouTube and gained a following
  4. Off the Court What he’s learned to take from basketball and put to use in entrepreneurship and business

What You’ll Learn:

  • Figure out your process
  • Show up daily and do the work
  • Focus on your foundation
  • Use healthy competition to up your game
  • Invest time in worthwhile projects


“My failures in basketball became my success when it came to entrepreneurship.” -Dre Baldwin

“Really focus on what you are doing so that you build something that other people will give their resources to, so they can get something from you, not you giving yours to everybody else. You’re going to be a producer or a consumer. You’ve got to pick one.” -Dre Baldwin

“The question that most people never ask, though, is what type of person do I need to be? Meaning, how do I need to see myself? What kind of energy do I need to carry myself with? Who do I need to see when I look in the mirror, while I’m taking those actions, in order to reach my outcomes?” -Dre Baldwin


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