Shift Your Mind with Brian Levenson

For author and podcaster Brian Levenson, one of the most underappreciated question words is “when.” That’s because knowing when to shift between different mindsets and frameworks is just as critical as the skills it takes to do so. For example, elite performers of all types find success through understanding when it’s time to prepare and when it’s time to perform. Then, they can adapt how they are thinking about each situation to match what they need to achieve in that moment.

This week, Levenson returns to the show to discuss his new book and why he chose to focus on mindset shift as a key piece of the process puzzle. For many people, it can be easy to get stuck spending too much time and effort on either preparation or performance. They forget that it’s a combination of the two, along with a healthy dose of practice, that is a recipe for success. It’s crucial for people to take a mental inventory every once in a while and then put the time into making up for whatever they’re not doing enough of.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Trusting His Instincts How Brian Levenson went through the process of writing and editing his first book
  2. Shifting Mindsets Why it’s important to put in the work but also leave time to play and innovate
  3. Finding a Process Why Levenson turns to elite performers, like Beyonce and Kobe Bryant, as examples of establishing a process for growth
  4. The Three Ps How to understand the difference between preparation, practice, and performance

What You’ll Learn:

  • Don’t overthink what you’re doing
  • Understand the power of mindset
  • Step into discomfort
  • Seek feedback and coaching
  • Be adaptable


“If you study elite performers, whether it’s the Navy Seals or the Blue Angels or a football team on Monday, they have this process of constantly iterating, analyzing, and using their instincts. They are experimenting in preparation, but then on game day, they are trusting their process that they are going to find a way.” -Brian Levenson

“You need to be uncomfortable to grow. That is true. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. But when you’re between the lines, you don’t need to be uncomfortable. That’s when you have to be grounded, comfortable, and create routines and habits that get you into a headspace, mentally and physically, so you are ready to go.” -Brian Levenson

“You can always change course later. You learn; you develop. But you have to put it out there. You have to start. You have to do the work. You have to figure things out. And then as you grow, if you need to course-correct, you can. Too many people don’t do that. Too many people are stuck in that overthinking loop.” -Jake Thompson


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