Why Being Mentally Tough is a Daily Choice with Lauren Johnson

For Lauren Johnson, there’s no time like the present. If you want to change your past or build a better future, it all starts today, she says. The decisions you make here and now are the ones that will help or hinder you on a regular basis. This week, Johnson, who is a mental conditioning coordinator for the Yankees, shares her tips for deciding to change, recommitting, and holding yourself accountable. It all starts one choice at a time.

“Everything we do exists in the present moment,” she says. “Our mind is the only thing able to exist in all three — past, present, and future.” For that reason, it’s critical to practice the behaviors and mindsets that work in service of your goals. By envisioning the identity you want, you can choose to become it. It may mean being uncomfortable or going outside your comfort zone. It may mean feeling fear or uncertainty. But it’s in those challenges and the way you respond to them that growth happens.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Beating Adversity How a sports injury lead Lauren Johnson to a degree in performance psychology and a new career path
  2. Tough Choices Why a lost job opportunity and a tough customer were the catalysts for her to start her own consulting company
  3. The Growth Zone Why Johnson says it’s important to lean into “the good kind” of uncomfortable situations 
  4. Practice Makes Perfect How being consistent with mental toughness can lead to better outcomes than only using it when you need it

What You’ll Learn:

  • Practice behaviors that complement your goals
  • Be consistent with beneficial habits
  • Lean into the good kind of uncomfortable
  • Choose growth-oriented responses to adversity
  • Track your commitments to yourself for accountability


“Our belief plus our behaviors equals our identity. So, depending on who we want to be, our behaviors have to support that. If this is the person I want to be, what actions support that identity? And as we act in that way, we start to believe it.” -Lauren Johnson

“Mentally tough people are not more talented. They’re just more consistent. The long way to mental toughness is only practicing it when you need it. The shortcut is by practicing it daily regardless of if you need it or not.” -Lauren Johnson

“Try not to make the same mistake twice. One mistake is no big deal. Two — now we’re building a habit in the opposite direction.” -Lauren Johnson


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