I Love To Watch You Play with Asia Mape

All children are different. They have their own interests and hobbies, and their own unique dreams they want to pursue when they grow up. Some kids will choose to continue playing sports as they get older, while others will take a different path. That’s why it’s important to listen to them as they grow and share with you what makes them happy and fulfilled. This week, Asia Mape, founder of I Love To Watch You Play, shares tips on cultivating a healthy enjoyment of sports in kids of all ages.

There will be plenty of time for athletes to focus on the competitive rigours of the game as they move up to higher levels. But for kids to want to stick with sports, they have to have fun doing it. As parents, it’s important to keep that in mind as you encourage them. Sometimes, it will be up to you to step in and advocate for your child, so they carry the love of playing forward into the future. It all comes down to leading by example and making small changes along the way that add up in the end to positive results.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. A Storied Past How Asia Mape’s time as a sports producer introduced her to the world of storytelling and the personal side of the game
  2. Unique Interests Why Mape appreciates the different skills and interests of her three daughters and encourages them to follow their own paths
  3. Humble Beginnings What Mape learned from conversations with top players about the most important qualities in a leader
  4. Leading by Example Why it’s important to be an advocate for your child’s happiness and wellbeing in the sports arena

What You’ll Learn:

  • Lead by example
  • Build connections through vulnerability and trust
  • Pay attention to your kids’ individual interests
  • Practice humility
  • Cultivate enjoyment of sport


“Cultivating a love for their sport and enjoyment for their sport is really the key when they’re young. And if you don’t do that, you’re sunk.” -Asia Mape

“It’s never a mistake to play sports, but knowing and listening and making sure you’re cultivating all the right paths and avenues from a young age are really key.” -Asia Mape

“You get to [a good place] by being a leader to your kids as far as showing by example, by making a stand when it’s not right for your kid and it’s not healthy and it’s not the best choice. Sometimes, you have to step up and say, ‘I’m not doing it.’” -Asia Mape


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