Empowering Your Team to Lead Each Other with Dartmouth’s Spencer Brown

For Dartmouth Coach Spencer Brown, it comes down to owning your results. As both player and coach, you have the choice to put in whatever effort you can to build a strong framework for success. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, or if you’re facing a challenge in your life, so long as when you’re at practice or in a game, you try your best. In this week’s episode, Brown talks about leadership qualities, personal empowerment, and making competition fun, both in sports and in everyday life.

Being a coach is about more than just the short time you see your players every day, he says. It’s about instilling values in them and empowering them to make good choices on their own time from morning until night. If they can learn positive habits and decision-making skills in sports, they can carry those forward into their future relationships and pursuits. No detail is too small to ignore, he says. From warm-up to the end of practice, and even the moments they spend at home, every minute counts.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Early Impact How Spencer Brown was inspired to get into strength and conditioning by the mentors and coaches he had growing up
  2. Two Weeks Away When he almost gave up college athletics to return to his high school to coach and teach
  3. Always Engaged Why he thinks it’s important to build strong relationships and connect with players personally, both on and off the field
  4. From the Ground Up How he empowers his teams to know their own strengths and encourages players to lead by example

What You’ll Learn:

  • Own your results
  • Repetition and support build strong traits
  • Empower players to take the lead
  • Let your team know you’re there for them
  • Make competition fun


“As a person, you have to live it and you have to be that example, and then you can demand it of the people around you.” -Spencer Brown

“Everybody wants to talk about being a champion, but are we actually following through? Is our integrity, is our character matching up with what we say we want to do?” -Spencer Brown

“Being a strength and conditioning coach or athletic performance coach goes beyond the hour or two hours you train them every day. There are 22 other hours in the day that they need to make decisions on their own. So, when you empower them to do that, I think that’s where the life change comes into play.” -Spencer Brown


Mentioned This Week:

  • The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle
  • Jocko Willink, podcaster and retired Navy SEAL: https://jockopodcast.com/

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