Destination Unstoppable & Leveraging our Strengths MORE with Maureen Electa Monte

There are three things that always hold true for teams: they all struggle, they all have untapped talent, and most of them haven’t defined their success. That’s where Maureen Monte steps in. With a background in corporate team building and a commitment to seeing young athletes succeed, she has found her place helping others reach their full potential. This week, she talks about leadership and team development and shares tips for finding success in sports, work, and everyday life.

Monte has dedicated her life to facilitating these types of conversations among young athletes and employees alike. But while sports teams, especially, might define success as winning a particular championship or game, that’s not what defines the word for Monte herself. “I want them to win at the long game of life,” she says. She hopes the skills they learn now will serve them well whether they pursue athletics, the corporate world, or college down the line.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Group Work Why Maureen Monte sees value in helping teams, rather than just individuals, reach their full potential
  2. Getting Active How she broke into working with sports teams after years in the corporate environment
  3. Together as One How she learned to build unity among players by asking them to commit to helping one another through the choices they make every day
  4. Personal Roots How her background in engineering helped shape the way she approaches leadership development today

What You’ll Learn:

  • Tap into strengths and hone them
  • Help teams define their own success
  • Focus on building unity
  • Commit to actively working toward goals
  • Understand that all teams struggle


“If you don’t know the talent on the team, you can’t harness the talent on the team.” -Maureen Monte

“Your team cannot achieve success if you don’t agree on what success looks like.” -Maureen Monte

“It’s not just what you want to achieve, it’s how you behave to get there.” -Maureen Monte


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