DMGB with Brian Kight

For Brian Kight, unflinching realism and relentless optimism are like the two rails of a train track. Without either one, the train can’t move forward. For some people, taking a long, hard look at realism is a challenge. For others, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of pessimism. But while many may feel these forces are in opposition, Kight says the ability to be realistic and optimistic helps you cut through excuses and take control of the decisions you make.

They are also two of the core principles of the DMGB mindset, which stands for “Doesn’t Matter, Get Better.” Regardless of what challenges you face, or how motivated you are or aren’t, you can make the choice to bring your best every day. It’s not about following your passion, Kight says, it’s about bringing your passion with you to everything you do. You have the power to hold yourself to the same high standards no matter what the task at hand is, and use your energy day in and day out. By making the right choices and holding yourself accountable, you can build the discipline you need to bring value to your work.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Inherent Value Why Brian Kight found himself disciplined on the field but not in the classroom
  2. Wins and Losses How shifting focus away from success can lead to fulfilment through competition alone
  3. Personal Development How a seminar sparked Kight’s passion and ultimately showed him he could bring it to anything he pursued
  4. Mindset Matters How the “Doesn’t Matter, Get Better” approach keeps you out of the victim mentality and allows you to take action

What You’ll Learn:

  • Enjoy the process of competing
  • Don’t fixate on winning
  • Bring your passion to your work
  • Practice discipline regardless of motivation
  • Love what you do


“I’m going to bring my standards, my energy, my effort to whatever I’m doing. Whether I win or lose is not in my control. What I bring to it is in my control. I will win when I’m good enough and I’ll lose when I’m not. And I can always get better from there, regardless of what the outcome is.” -Brian Kight

“I’ve always viewed a disciplined response as its own reward.” -Brian Kight “I’m never going to allow my realism to diminish my optimism, or my optimism to cloud my realism.” -Brian Kight


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