Developing Your Self-Awareness & Winning Mindset with Coach Mike Deegan

For Mike Deegan, the move back to coaching from the corporate world just made sense. His instincts told him he needed to return to education and spend his time serving others. He’s spent the last two decades coaching collegiate baseball, and has watched his teams take three national championships. Over the last six years, he’s also written a book and become a high performance speaker, writer, and coach on the side. This week, Deegan shares tips for building strong teams and says sometimes, you just have to follow your gut.

Currently, his team follows a set of pillars — or core values — that they believe help them succeed as individuals and as a whole. Those include practicing gratitude, seeking continuous improvement, and celebrating other people’s wins. By learning to push yourself hard and find joy in recognizing that others are doing the same, you can gain self-awareness and encourage it in others. Ultimately, that creates a culture of always striving for more and being willing to put in the work to get there.

Key Moments You Don’t Want To Miss:

  1. Gut Instinct Why Mike Deegan left a job in the corporate world to pursue coaching
  2. Pillars of Success How Deegan helps guide and encourage the values of his team through modeling the behavior himself
  3. Seeking Answers How asking the right questions can help team members build awareness in themselves and others
  4. Slowing Down Why it’s important to stop, pause for a moment, and save time for self-reflection

What You’ll Learn:

  • Listen to your instincts if you are feeling unfulfilled
  • Be upfront and transparent with the people around you
  • Seek continuous improvement
  • Establish a good work-life integration
  • Celebrate others’ successes


“You can’t get to everything everyday. You have to pick out your highest leverage areas and move toward them. You can’t be everything to all people, but you kind of figure out — OK where can I move the needle today?” -Mike Deegan

“Being happy for others’ success in rooms full of very competitive people can be challenging, but you can really lean into the fact that your greatest competition is yourself and celebrate others. In really high-performing environments, the star rotates.” -Mike Deegan

“What are we doing to put our trust in our teammates? What are we doing to build those relationships — to set them up for opportunities?” -Jake Thompson


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