Mental Performance + High Performers with Ceci Craft

Not all confidence is created equal. There’s the kind you get from positive engagement on social media, for example, and the kind that’s built through learning something new, and challenging yourself to adapt to changing situations. That’s one of the key messages from this week’s guest, mental performance coach Ceci Craft. She spent years working with Army Special Operations and later, the Cleveland Indians, and says that stepping into uncomfortable moments is what makes us feel truly alive.

It’s important to foster a willingness and ability to challenge yourself. That’s because life won’t always go exactly the way you hope it will, or follow the steps you’ve planned for. It often forges its own unexpected path forward, and it’s up to you to be able to learn and evolve alongside it. It’s OK to feel nervous or unsure, she says, because the most important thing is what you do with those feelings. Do you turn back or give up when things get tough? Or do you make the choice to pull yourself forward and keep going?

Key Moments You Don’t Want To Miss:

  1. The Mental Game How Ceci Craft’s personal challenges in both sports and everyday life taught her to find her own way through problems
  2. Structural Differences How her time with Army Special Operations and the Cleveland Indians gave her a unique approach to leadership, communication, and mental performance
  3. Imposter Syndrome Why Craft doesn’t shy away from feelings of nervousness or discomfort, but rather sees them as an opportunity for growth
  4. Healthy Confidence Why it’s important to put yourself in challenging situations and be open to learning new skills later in life

What You’ll Learn:

  • Know your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Be open to new challenges
  • Think about your choices in any given situation
  • Return to being a learner
  • Step into uncomfortable moments


“Your preparation is so much of what allows you to step into any situation. I think, oftentimes, we imagine finding a standard or figuring out what’s enough and training or preparing for what’s enough. But, that’s really not the way that life works. I think dealing with discomfort is its own skill and you can be really good at learning (it).” -Ceci Craft

“Are you confident in your ability to adapt, learn, and evolve rapidly? Because I think confidence in that is way more powerful than having success in one specific thing.” -Ceci Craft

“When we step into new situations and when we have expectations of what we can hope we can do, that’s going to feel unnatural. The question is what do you do with that? How much are you used to that sensation? If you put yourself in learning moments or uncomfortable moments often, then when those sensations come up, you know what it’s like to work through them.” -Ceci Craft


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