Growing Resilience in a Chaotic World with Jessica Ream

Every morning, Jessica Ream starts the day with a little, personal happy dance. She puts on a song to get her pumped and thinks: “Today is going to be a good day and we’re going to attack the day.” Other people might prefer to meditate, write in a journal, or repeat a motto to themselves. “When you start the day off like that, then (with) any challenges that arise throughout the day, you’re going to, hopefully, keep that same mindset,” she says.

Ream is a mental performance consultant who has worked with the U.S. Army and now runs her own consulting business. This week, she talks about the importance of routine and the power of having a growth mindset. No matter what bumps in the road you face, you can overcome them if you frame them as challenges, rather than unsolvable problems, she says. That approach also gives you the flexibility to handle the changes that will inevitably come your way, so you can always come out stronger than you were before.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. A Long Recovery How a concussion led to Jessica Ream leaving her sport and finding a new routine in life
  2. Over the Bump Why it’s important to frame challenges as adversity that can be overcome, rather than as problems that will keep you stuck
  3. Sticking to Routine How building structure and routine into your daily life will keep you on track even when plans change
  4. Prepare for Change What lessons we can learn from COVID and use to make ourselves ready to face the unexpected

What You’ll Learn:

  • Cultivate a growth mindset
  • Learn to overcome unhelpful mental habits
  • Build a healthy routine
  • Start the day with something positive
  • Be flexible in how you respond to circumstances


“To me, resilience is being able to look at adversity and say, ‘I can grow from this and I can get stronger from it than I was before,’ instead of letting adversity or the challenge get the best of you or knock you down — being able to take a step back and be like, hey, this might be challenging and this might be hard, but I have the skills to overcome it.” -Jessica Ream

“There’s really two ways you can look at a challenge: you can view it as a challenge or you can view it as a problem — as an issue. When you’re viewing it as a problem, it’s going to stay a problem. But when you view it as a challenge, you can overcome that challenge.” -Jessica Ream

“It really doesn’t matter where you start; it just matters where you’re going.” -Jessica Ream


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