Find Your Burn with Ben Newman

Oftentimes, people look forward, wondering what opportunities might be just over the horizon, rather than seeking out connections and partnerships they have access to right now. It’s OK to take a leap into the unknown, but don’t forget to find ways of helping out those around you, too. There may be surprising opportunities that stem from those conversations, says this week’s guest, podcaster and coach Ben Newman.

As soon as you finish listening to today’s show, Newman has a challenge for you. Based on your experience and relationships, what are the five phone calls you could make right now that have the potential to connect you to the future you desire? Write down the people’s names and phone numbers. When you get in touch, find out what you can do to help them — what value you can add to their mission. It’s a simple way of putting in the work today to reach your goals tomorrow.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Deep Roots Why Ben Newman says a person’s success is about more than talent; it’s about identifying the burn that lights their purpose
  2. A Strong Role Model What Newman learned from watching his mother’s strength as a child
  3. Actionable Goals How you can immediately begin to take advantage of opportunities close to home
  4. Work in Progress Why there’s power in believing in yourself and putting in the groundwork every day toward your highest goals

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand what motivates you
  • Focus on what value you can give to others
  • Have the mindset that there’s always more to learn
  • Seek out coaching and mentorship
  • Don’t be seduced by success


“For an athlete to perform at their highest level, they cannot solely rely on their natural talents and abilities. They have to understand the mental toughness side of what it takes to achieve peak performance.” -Ben Newman

“You can’t take action without understanding the reason why you want to take action.” -Ben Newman

“I believe we all have an opportunity to reach our greatest potential by winning one day at a time.” -Ben Newman


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