Fit for Success with RP Strength’s Nick Shaw

It’s important to find a sense of balance or stability, even at the most unstable points in our lives. This week, RP founder Nick Shaw talks about using free time to work on larger projects and being sure to save time for relaxation and mental recharging to avoid burnout. It isn’t always possible to align your time exactly the way you want to, but by focusing on the things that are in your control, you can start to make better decisions about how to use the hours you have.

There’s always something a little more you could be doing to further your progress toward your goals, Shaw says. Whether it’s doing a few extra reps, rethinking your daily schedule, or reworking your time management, it’s important to look at the options you have and find out what works best for you mentally and physically. If you burn the candle too far at both ends, you can wind up with more work and fewer met goals. But if you get complacent and adopt a victim mentality, you can find yourself lagging behind. Once you find discipline and a work setup that are right for you, you’ll be set to tackle the milestones you set.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Outworking the Competition How Nick Shaw learned early about the power of putting in the daily work to see the outcomes he desired
  2. No Guarantees How a missed milestone taught Shaw that sometimes, working hard isn’t enough to reach your goals, and how you respond to that matters
  3. Useful Downtime How COVID-19 and family medical issues inspired Shaw to write his first book
  4. Out of the Weeds Why Shaw stresses the importance of taking the time you need to mentally recharge, so you can come back even stronger the next day

What You’ll Learn:

  • Put in work for the outputs you want
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Keep a positive mindset
  • Rest when you need to and avoid burnout
  • Give yourself time to mentally recharge


“You have to be incredibly disciplined. You have to work incredibly hard. If you have those, you’re going to stand a decent chance.” -Nick Shaw

“There’s always something more you can be doing to get better.” -Nick Shaw

 “You should create something. It doesn’t matter if somebody else has written it, talked about it, posted a video on it, made a podcast. You need to tell that story, that truth, that lesson from your own lens because somebody out there may need to hear it from your perspective.” -Jake Thompson


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