Aaron Keith Hawkins

In 2009, Aaron Hawkins had sculpted the ultimate perfect life. That was until he woke in the early hours of the morning, with excruciating chest pain, at just 36 years old. As an Emergency Medical Technician of 13 years, he self-diagnosed a heart attack on the spot.

After he calmly woke his sleeping wife, the moment she grabbed the phone, he collapsed on the floor- motionless. Aaron describes the harrowing events that followed his fall, and the life that flashed before his very eyes. Things were never going to be the same from this point on.

Aaron’s near death experience changed the direction of his life, and now he helps others to have unbreakable success in their own journeys.

Do bigger things, but stay in your lane

Aaron sure knows how to wear multiple hats in his career! Not only does he help people stay on the right side of the law as a Police Officer, but he is also a leadership expert and personal performance coach. Aaron helps others see the light in their life, by changing their perspective and upgrading their performance to the next level.

Paying it forward by life-changing knowledge  

Pretty soon after coming out of hospital, Aaron developed a healthy obsession to try to figure out some of life’s biggest questions. This thirst for knowledge went to whole new levels, where he pretty much devoured every book on leadership, human- behavior and personal development. Through the life-changing knowledge that he took on, he knew he had one thing to do. To teach others what he had learnt.

Just keep giving and stop looking for a return

Aaron truly values those that simply give to others, without expecting anything in return. In fact, this genuine and humble outlook forms the cornerstone of his leadership business. The most important thing, is that service always pays off! If there’s something that feels like the right thing to do, don’t hesitate.

Better than yesterday quotes

At that moment, I 100% believed that I was dying, but I wasn’t scared, rather I had an overwhelming sense of regret. I had seen every missed opportunity that I had passed on flash before my eyes.” 

We kind of take what comes to us, rather than looking to see how we can help, and how big we can make an impact”.

“If you don’t ask, then the answer will always be NO”.  

What We Covered

02:13 – Aaron’s personal and professional run down, his near-death experience that triggered his reality check to change direction and trajectory of his life

08:54 – How did Aaron figure out where and what to start doing to impact other people’s life

16:19 – Did Aaron faced early internal doubts and how did he combat them going after his first few clients that he worked with?

24:09 – What is Aaron’s biggest lesson of 2017 that he is taking to the year 2018

27:40 – Who is Aaron’s ideal client and how to connect with him





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