Adam Bradley, How to Lead ‘Em Up

When leaders do their best, everyone’s better for it. That’s a bit of wisdom from this week’s guest. Adam Bradley is the founder of Lead ‘Em Up, a company that helps coaches develop their athletes into leaders both in sports and everyday life. Leadership is a lifestyle, after all, Bradley says. It can’t just come out in only one aspect of you or your players’ lives; it has to be present all the time.

Relationships are key to players’ learning leadership skills. If they trust you as a coach, mentor, or parent, and if you are able to communicate with them effectively, you can build a good relationship with them. Then, they can build that same kind of relationship with their fellow athletes. With that as the foundation of a team, players can learn the skills and build the courage to lead one another and boost their peers and teams to success.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Build a relationship foundation so players lead one another
  • Get to know players and build trust with them
  • Be intentional about communication
  • Develop better focus on tasks
  • Elevate leadership development to the level of skills development


“Maybe the home is the best training ground for your player as an athlete. Maybe it’s actually more effective than the hundreds of dollars you spend hourly on a trainer. Maybe there’s more value found in the little details of your parenting in raising this young son or daughter. That could be the game changer.” -Adam Bradley

“Leadership is a lifestyle. It’s not just in season. It needs to be all seasons.” -Adam Bradley

“How you do anything is how you do everything.” -Adam Bradley

“We’ve got to communicate in such a way that resonates, that makes sense, that gives them a frame of reference that they can comprehend.” -Adam Bradley

“We’ve got to recognize and be very intentional in a team environment that we truly are living out what we claim to be.” -Adam Bradley


You can find out more about Lead ‘Em Up online at  You can also follow on Twitter @Lead_em_up and on Instagram @leademup. You can follow Adam Bradley on his personal social media @abradley5.

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