Hey there! I'm Jake Thompson, a professional speaker and entrepreneur obsessed with helping people grow their influence and impact. I created the Compete Every Day platform to help ambitious leaders build grit and leadership skills so they can win their work, workouts, & life.

Are you in control?

Who’s in Control of It?

You are responsible for your controllables. If you want to be a Champion or person of success, plan to learn discipline and control “it” every day. Text COMPETE to 972-945-9113 to join the morning motivation club...

Watch out for Worrying

Watching Out for Worry

Worry and fear are feelings & thoughts based on a future where things don’t go our way. We get caught in a trap when we don’t practice mindfulness & being in the present. Don’t let worrying about what may not even happen be...

Find Your Burn with Ben Newman

Oftentimes, people look forward, wondering what opportunities might be just over the horizon, rather than seeking out connections and partnerships they have access to right now. It’s OK to take a leap into the unknown, but don’t forget to find ways...

Don't Skip Game Tape

Don’t Forget to Watch the Tape

How do you expect to get better if you don’t watch the game-tape? A powerful lesson on the importance of review, reflection, & proactively working to get better. Text COMPETE to 972-945-9113 to join the morning motivation club...

One way to build your grit today

One Tip to Building Your Grit Today

It would be great if you could magically snap your fingers and “poof,” you were gritty. Unfortunately, you can’t build it overnight, but you do have the opportunity to build it over time. In this week’s episode, Jake shares one of the most...



Everyone is chasing excitement – but excitement isn’t the right target. We must become ok doing the boring work in order to build a future success. In this week’s episode, Jake motivates listeners with the reminder that in order to...