One Percent Better in Baseball and Life with Joe Ferraro

It can be daunting to find support and resources you can trust as a player, coach, or parent.

This week, fellow podcaster and baseball aficionado Joe Ferraro talks about his Youth Baseball School endeavor, which seeks to bring together useful information in one place for ballplayers and their supporters. It’s a community where you can seek out likeminded people for advice and tips to get the most out of your experience with the sport.

For Compete Every Day podcast listeners, Ferraro may be a familiar voice. He’s the founder and host of the One Percent Better podcast and joined us in season 3 here. He brings the same commitment to education and relationship-building to his new project.

In this episode, he also shares stories of how lessons he learned in baseball have translated to life as a whole and the importance of staying true to the pursuit of lifelong learning, which makes finding curated and trusted resources all the more important.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Ways to connect with experts in the field
  • How to cope with the mental side of the game
  • The importance of taking breaks as a player
  • How to translate sports lessons into life lessons
  • Where to seek out advice from people you can trust


“Every coach in every sport feels like their sport is the one that teaches character, reveals character. I think baseball does both. I think it teaches character. I think it reveals character. And I think it allows you to practice these habits.” -Joe Ferraro

“At the end of the day, sports allow us to have the most meaningful lessons in something that only feels like it’s life or death and you just don’t get those opportunities too often.”

Joe Ferraro

“You’re playing in a game, it’s the seventh inning, and you feel like everything in the world matters right here and then you go out into life and pay a mortgage and try to be a successful father and you realize that it was baseball that embedded these habits overall.” -Joe Ferraro

“You can’t just be a star and show up late. You can’t just show up on time and not be a good practice player.” -Joe Ferraro

“You simply can’t throw 365 days a year, especially from a pitching standpoint. It just isn’t healthy on a growing arm. It isn’t healthy on a major league arm.”

Joe Ferraro


You can contact Joe Ferraro via email at You can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter @FerraroOnAir.

Check out his podcast at or anywhere you get your podcasts. You can find out more about the Youth Baseball School at

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