How to be Motivated When Things Are Good

It’s easy for us to find motivation to dig deep and do the work every day when things aren’t going our way.

We’re motivated to spend less and create extra income when we review our bills and stare down debts we owe.

We’re fired up to get into the gym after our mother-in-law makes a comment about how we’ve “put on some happy weight around our waist.”

We’re busting our butt on the practice field after we’ve lost 3 games in a row.

It’s easy to find the motivation – and use it – when things aren’t going your way. Frustration, anger, disappointment all fuel us to work harder and become a solution that fixes our current downward spin.

But what about when things are good?

Learn how you can maintain your motivation when things are going your way or after you’ve reached a goal.

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