Episode 13: Be the Difference Foundation

Competing for Longer Lives

Today I’m sitting down with the Founders and Board of the Be The Difference Foundation based in Dallas. The organization was formed by four ovarian cancer survivors in different phases of survivorship, but they all have passion for life and ending the fight against ovarian cancer.

More than half of the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer pass away within five years of the diagnosis. Be The Difference gives women hope for a longer survivorship by supporting cure research, clinical trials, and more.

Be The Difference is hosting a Wheel to Survive event in Dallas February 26th to raise funds that will support women fighting ovarian cancer. This is a fun opportunity to give back, interact with the community, and be the difference. Wheel to Survive will also be hosted in cities throughout Texas, South Florida, and San Francisco.

In this episode, we talk about what it’s like getting diagnosed with ovarian cancer and fighting to extend life. These women teach incredible lessons about the power of choosing your attitude and helping other people who are facing challenges you have faced.

The Be The Difference Journey

  • 6:00 Getting the ovarian cancer diagnosis
  • 7:40 Finding hope to keep going despite statistics
  • 8:10 What happens when doctors aren’t able to diagnosis

Be The Difference Getting Motivated

  • 9:00 Creating a community when there are few women who’ve survived ovarian cancer
  • 12:30 Talking to medical students so they can hear a patient’s point of view
  • 14:00 Fighting for advanced standard care of women with ovarian cancer
  • 17:00 Starting the Wheel to Survive event and what it will be like this year

Competitive Insights

  • 11:00 Attitude is key to anything in life. Take that attitude that I can beat this might not cure someone, but it can give them extra time.
  • 16:20 If you think you’re too small to be a difference, think about a mosquito.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“We’re competing every day to make these women’s lives longer, healthier and stronger.”

“We tell our stories so that they will listen to what we went through and if they see something change in their bodies, they remember. That little piece can change the world.”

“I feel so good that we can be the difference. People are recognizing that and reaching out to us so we can be a difference in their lives.”



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