Episode 26: Ben Kenyon, Portland Trailblazers

Pour into Your Passion

Ben Kenyon from the Portland Trail Blazers and YOUnique Podcast joins us today. He’s an inspired leader and advocate of purposeful movement.

From playing basketball to working as a performance coach, Ben has been on an incredible journey. In this episode, he shares what it was like to go from athlete to desiring to be the best trainer he could be.

Ben shares his thoughts on how to get to the highest level of success, finding satisfaction in your career and passion, and life.

Ben’s Journey

  • Deciding to help people in places he enjoys even if he isn’t the player
  • Having a coach who helped him get where he wanted to be
  • Giving his all to basketball and strength conditioning

Ben Getting Motivated

  • Running into amazing people and realizing he had more to offer
  • Pouring himself into his work and passions equally
  • Getting involved in Movember and promoting personal missions

Competitive Insights

  • If you aren’t living up to your standards, you aren’t living your true life.
  • You can’t ever lose track of yourself when you’re looking to help others.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“I’m a crazy, crazy positive person and I’ve learned that it helps me and others.”

“I truly believe if you want to be among the best in the world, the only way you’ll get there is if you can show that you are extremely passionate about what you do.”

“I’m doing everything I can possibly do that I love on purpose.”


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