Creating Your Best Life with Best Self CoFounder Cathryn Lavery

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Owning your purpose is what helps you become your best self, says Cathryn Lavery. She’s the founder of BestSelf Co., which helps people meet their goals through support, inspiration, and organizational tools. This week, Lavery shares her story of how making major changes in her own life ultimately led to the creation of a successful business and a more holistic worldview.

It can be a challenge to reach the goals you set for yourself, especially if you’re not quite sure why you’ve committed to them or you don’t know how you need to get there. It’s important to understand the investment you have in your goals and have a clear path to meeting them. Breaking goals down into achievable, non-negotiable milestones helps them seem more manageable in the short-term. Surrounding yourself with accountability partners and supportive relationships keeps you on track. And being honest about what success will look like to you on the other end of your goals will make sure you’re taking the right steps to get there.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Manage your time for success
  • Set incremental milestones toward a larger goal
  • Know why you’re committing to a goal
  • Make daily habits non-negotiable
  • Develop accountability relationships


“There’s a lot more to our best self than just achieving our goals.” -Cathryn Lavery

“The principles that are going to make us successful are managing our own time, daily habits, keeping up relationships. All of that stuff is actually what matters, but it’s not what we get taught.” -Cathryn Lavery

“I think the reason New Year’s resolutions are forgotten is because it’s this huge thing that they don’t actually break down.” -Cathryn Lavery

“Time is the currency of all of our lives and we can convert it into anything we want.” -Cathryn Lavery

“Don’t commit to a goal that you don’t really want or you’re not sure why you want it because if you don’t know why you want it, you’re not actually going to do it.” -Cathryn Lavery


You can follow Cathryn Lavery on Instagram @CathrynLavery. You can check out BestSelf Co. online at There will be a discount for Compete Every Day listeners on the site this month.


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