The Biggest Factor to Your Success

No one has the time to wait anymore.

We scroll through social media immediately after posting a picture to see how quickly we can get likes and comments.

We open a new business and expect the doors to be overflowing with customers from hour one.

We need to get in shape and want to look like models on social media within one week of walking into the gym.

We want everything instantly. And when it takes longer than expected?

We quit.

Well, “most” people do.

They lose their stomach for the long game. It’s why most people never drop those 15 extra pounds or reach their goals. It’s not a microwavable instant hit.

Great things takes time.

And reaching great big goals? That’s an endurance sport.

It’s an ultra-marathon – not a 400m sprint. You’ve got to be able to push through those times of discomfort. You’ve got to be able to keep running when you split open a blister. And you’ve got to find the strength to push on just a few more steps when your legs are on fire. It’s about persevering through the pain for glory.

Same goes with life.

In this episode, our founder Jake Thompson explores the formula for success – and why our greatest accomplishments aren’t achieved overnight. We wouldn’t want them to anyway. Learn the Grit formula for success and what factor (hint: you 100% control it) matters more than talent.


If someone told you that you’d hit your BIG goal, but it would take 10 years of working every day to do it, would you? Most people don’t have the stomach for that type of long game. Competitors do.”

“Guts. Determination. Perseverance. That’s what defines a Competitor.

“Never giving up? That doesn’t require talent. It requires heart. And heart is something Competitors have plenty of.”


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Episode 56