Trust & Vulnerability in Leadership with Bobby Audley

Intentionality is the key to deep relationships and deep relationships are what make a strong and cohesive team. This week on the Raising Competitors podcast, leadership and team development facilitator Bobby Audley shares ideas for team-building that will last. It doesn’t matter if your team is a group of young athletes, seasoned pros, or employees who work with one another in an office, finding a way to bring them together as individuals and as people will help foster a bond that will make the whole group stronger.

Some of the most successful teams aren’t the ones who win the most games, Audley says, but the ones who have good camaraderie and a shared vision. That comes from building trust between teammates, allowing yourself to be vulnerable as a person, and not getting defensive when someone challenges you — but instead using a challenge as a learning opportunity. It comes down to opening up the doors to good communication and a willingness to share with those around you.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Be intentional about relationships
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • Make time for one-on-one conversations
  • Lean into fear and discomfort
  • Work to build trust with your team


“Teams, whether they’re athletic or corporate, that have deep invested relationships are more effective. Science points to it.” -Bobby Audley

“You treat each other as friends, you have respect for each other, you have empathy for each other, you have kindness and grace — all these things that sound overly simplified are the difference-maker for effective teams, athletic or not.” -Bobby Audley

“I think the biggest thing holding us back from deeper relationships is vulnerability and the ability to be vulnerable, the ability to not have the answers, the ability to say the wrong thing.” -Bobby Audley

“Are you making a decision based on the fear of what could happen or are you making a decision based on the courage of what could possibly happen?” -Bobby Audley

“I think a lot of times we’re just too scared and we end up selling ourselves and our lives short because we don’t take our relationships deep enough to truly experience community and relationship.” -Jake Thompson


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