Bobby Stroupe: Invest in the Physical to Strengthen the Mental

Being able to learn new skills is the most important skill to have. That’s the start of the pathway to success for Bobby Stroupe, founder of ATHLETE Performance Enhancement Center, or APEC.

Along with a constant drive to learn, this week’s guest says successful people also focus intrinsically on measuring themselves against themselves — not others — show gratitude publicly, give themselves credit privately, focus on what they can do, and always work to be a better teammate.

In the end, coaches and mentors are building people, not athletes, he says. That’s why it’s important to learn or encourage the habits and practices that build a solid foundation for a successful life, which can also be used to improve athletic ability. At an early age, that means building mental and physical flexibility and adaptability, so the potential is limitless as a person grows.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Build human connections and communication skills first
  • Have a realistic work culture so people gain confidence in themselves and others
  • Developing grit means having a plan for the future
  • Seek understanding before seeking to be understood
  • Encourage resourcefulness and problem solving


“That’s the beauty of success. The path to get there is littered with a lot of mistakes that just didn’t kill us or we were gritty and stubborn enough to not let it kill us.” -Jake Thompson

“When you go from playing soccer one time of the year to baseball to basketball to flag football to maybe dance or wrestling, you’re building such a diverse set of neural pathways, the possibilities for your body when you hit puberty are going to be vast.” -Bobby Stroupe

“The skill of learning skills is the No. 1 skill in the world. So, If our athletes develop the skill of learning skills through all that diversity, they can literally pick up everything.” -Bobby Stroupe

“If you can’t connect with people, you cannot optimize them. You can’t bring them to the best version of themselves.” -Bobby Stroupe

“For us, it starts with relationships and connectivity, building confidence and really building value in human beings, making sure they value themselves and value this experience.” -Bobby Stroupe

“At the end of the day, you’re developing human beings, not athletes.” -Bobby Stroupe


You can follow Bobby Stroupe on Instagram @stroupebob. You can also follow both APEC locations on Instagram: East Texas is @teamAPEC and Dallas-Fort Worth is @APEC817.

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