Brian Cain, Building Mental Toughness

No matter how hard you work or how dedicated you are to achieving your goals, if you don’t have the right mental attitude, you’ll struggle to do your best. Closing that gap between where you are and where you want to be comes down to learning mental toughness and employing strategies for success.

This week, mental performance coach Brian Cain talks about how to go from having an average mindset to an elite one, through focusing on mental performance.

Cain says there are 10 pillars of mental performance mastery, which include growing an elite mindset, having motivation and commitment, gaining focus and awareness, practicing self-control and discipline, building a process over outcome-based thinking and thought patterns, using meditation and mental imagery, creating elite routines and habits of excellence, developing time management and organization skills, gaining leadership skills, and putting oneself in the right culture. If those pillars are strong, you’re already on on the path to success.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Set goals that are within your control
  • Work to build an elite mindset, rather than an average one
  • Find a coach or mentor to help guide your journey to success
  • Develop a growth mindset but gaining control of yourself and your actions
  • Focus on doing quality work every day


“You can compete every day, you can work really hard, you can have sound nutrition, but you can’t outperform bad mental performance.” -Brian Cain

“The biggest misconception out there is that mental toughness is something you’re born with and it’s not that way. Mental toughness is something that is trained, and (it) comes down to a very specific skill set that you have to develop.” -Brian Cain

“For someone to be a part of your team, you don’t have to physically be with them. You don’t even have to personally know them. You just have to be able to use their experiences and their strategies to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.” -Brian Cain

“When you wake up in the morning, no one wants to make your bed, but if you win that moment, then you can 1) act different than how you feel, 2) pay attention to detail, 3) have a semblance of self-control and discipline to do what needs to be done versus what you want to do.” -Brian Cain

Success leaves clues. And we’ve uncovered the strategies that successful people use, and if you use the same strategies, you’ll probably get a similar result.” -Brian Cain


You can find out more about Brian Cain, including links to his work and coaching opportunities, at You can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter @BrianCainPeak. His book, Mental Performance Mastery, is available on Amazon here.

Learn more about Brian’s Mental Performance Mastery Certification course here.


In this episode, guest Brian Cain recommended the book, Heads-Up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time, by Ken Ravizza, which is available on Amazon here.

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