Fear, Shame, & High Achievement with Caleb Campbell

You are enough. To come to a place where you’re living in contentment, you have to practice radical self-acceptance. That means facing and accepting the things that scare you — all the niggling feelings of inadequacy and self-judgment — and learning to love who you are right here, right now.

This week, U.S. Army lieutenant and former NFL player Caleb Campbell talks about the power of transformation.

It comes down to shifting from having fear as a motivator, to being motivated by love. “You have to be brazenly honest with yourself,” Campbell says. Change means being open to looking within yourself. Often, when you find yourself in moments of transition, you can have the tendency to place the blame on other things in your life.

But digging deep and pushing past your comfort zone is what will bring you to the other side of shame and insecurity. Then, you can pursue your questions and curiosity and be open to all that life has to offer. And remember, you are enough.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Open yourself to personal transformation
  • Practice radical acceptance in the here and now
  • Have the courage to face fear
  • Move from willpower to willingness
  • Remember that you are enough


“The one defining question in my life is, if my life never changes from this moment forward, am I OK?” -Caleb Campbell

“I think everything we want really is available to us. It really is here. And what is required of us is to really have the audacity to let go of what we’re comfortable with, to let go of what we call normal, to let go of things that we deep down know no longer serve us, and actually be willing to walk into the wilderness, to walk into this unknown, uncertain territory and really just count the cost and say, whatever it takes, I’m willing to go the distance.”

Caleb Campbell

“We have to deep down believe that we’re enough and then we can live a life of contentment and purpose and fulfillment.” -Caleb Campbell

“There has to be this deep curiosity about why things are the way that they are. Challenge the status quo in your life.”

Caleb Campbell

“Questions are an open door that invite us into this house of transformation because it’s in the questions that we live in uncertainty; we live in the unknown.” -Caleb Campbell


You can follow Caleb Campbell on Instagram @caleb_campbell. Also, be sure to check out the new podcast, Kara and Caleb, where he and his fiance take a dive deep into the questions that have shaped the lives of their guests. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts.

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