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Season 3, Episode 10: Carina Morgan

Long-term goals are easy to make and easy to break without the smaller steps that will build you up to success. This week’s guest is life and mindset coach Carina Morgan, who talks about her own journey to a healthy lifestyle and shares tips on building good relationships with food and exercise.

Especially at this time of year, it can be tricky not to get caught up in narratives of weight gain and the rabbit hole of holiday dinners. That’s why Morgan reminds us of something simple, but not always easy to keep in mind — that eating is normal and necessary, even if we’re not working out. It’s how and why we eat the way we do that sometimes needs a second look. It’s about being honest with yourself about your habits and mindset and then using that knowledge and self-awareness to set reasonable and manageable goals, which are the building blocks of sustainable long-term change.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identify the root causes of your struggle
  • Implement small changes for larger goals
  • Use tools to shift your mindset toward the positive
  • Be honest with yourself about what you want
  • Gain awareness about your relationship with health


“The reality is you do not need to earn the right to eat by exercising.” -Carina Morgan

“A lot of people … think that they’re searching for health but really they’re searching to look a certain way, so that they feel like they’re more worthy of all the things life has to offer. So, they stay in this cycle of feeling like they have to struggle through that in order to have a successful, happy life. And they’re actually miserable doing it.” -Carina Morgan

“The biggest choice I made in this context was deciding my sense of self worth and the value I brought to the world had nothing to do with what I looked like.” -Carina Morgan

“Weeds hold you down, they tie your roots so you’re not able to grow to your full extent.” -Jake Thompson

“One of the terms I really dislike for the most part is ‘falling off the bandwagon’ because there’s only a bandwagon if you create one.” -Carina Morgan


You can follow Carina Morgan on her website,, or on Facebook or Instagram @CarinaMorganHealth.

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