Setting Expectations in Fitness & Life with Chase Ingraham

Trying something outside your comfort zone doesn’t mean you’re setting yourself up for failure. It means you’re setting yourself up to learn something new, which is how you improve as an athlete, entrepreneur, and person.

But even though many people still fear taking that step, it’s critical to push your limits in order to grow. That’s why week’s guest, CrossFit athlete and coach Chase Ingraham, encourages everyone to “dive into the unknown.”

Getting the courage to take the plunge comes down to managing your expectations, being realistic about the challenges you’re facing, and shifting your narrative. Rather than focusing on your small achievements and stopping there, Ingraham says, when you’ve reached a small goal, move the goalpost. If it’s tough at first, that’s OK.

Over time, trying new or difficult things builds your confidence that no matter what happens, it’s not going to be as bad as you think. And with that knowledge, you open yourself up to letting go of control and seeing how much you can truly achieve.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Set realistic expectations
  • Practice honesty with coaches and athletes
  • Lift up those around you
  • Acknowledge the challenges you’re facing
  • Use competition to inspire you


“As you make everyone around you better, they, in turn, lift you up the same way.”

Chase Ingraham

“I think most people’s problem with anything they have in life is the expectations they set for themselves. If you set unrealistic expectations, you’re really just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.” -Chase Ingraham

“Shifting your mindset and shifting expectations sounds easier than it is to do.” -Chase Ingraham

“There is actually no failure in trying; there’s just learning.”

Chase Ingraham

“Use that competitive comparison to drive you, but don’t let it determine how you judge your own personal results.” -Chase Ingraham


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