Christopher Williams, Importance of Perspective

It’s all about perspective. Perspective guides how we do what we do. It’s how we look at our own lives and make decisions based on what we see. This week, we hear from former tennis player and current touring coach Christopher Williams about the power of mindset. He works to break down the stigma of talking about sports psychology and mental training. He also talks about the importance of preparation, expectation management, and having a diversified life.

After all, it’s a privilege to play the game. No matter how hard the work has been or how much effort you’ve put in, being able to play means you have something to be grateful for. By gaining perspective and learning to bolster the other parts of your life, like family and hobbies, you can become a more well-rounded player who plays for growth and with an action-oriented mind.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Find a process that leads to success
  • Build self-awareness on the court and in life
  • Focus on action, not reaction
  • Learn to manage expectations
  • Develop a growth mindset for a well-rounded life


“It is completely process. We all know that we want to win, but if we are able to stay extremely task-oriented, then we can hopefully perform better and perform our best and even free ourselves up to be our best.” -Christopher Williams

“Everything is about situations and being aware and understanding why something is happening.” -Christopher Williams

“(It’s important to be) able to deal with that adversity and bounce back and get back to focusing on your process.” -Christopher Williams

“I just don’t want my athletes to be one-dimensional … I believe that if they have more perspective in life, it will create more gratitude for what they’re actually doing as an athlete.” -Christopher Williams

“Perspective shapes so much of what we do. It shapes how we handle adversity.” -Jake Thompson

Contact: You can follow Christopher Williams on his website,, or on Twitter @cpatwilliams.

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