Cody Royle, Thinking Outside the Box

Discovering your own competitive advantage is at the heart of this week’s conversation with author and podcaster Cody Royle. His book, Where Others Won’t: Taking People Innovation from the Locker Room into the Boardroom, delves deep into lessons from teams around the world on leadership theory, group dynamics, and talent optimization. This week, he shares what he’s learned about what both individuals and teams can do to find their niche.

Royle says the big takeaway former athletes have going forward to a new career is their sense of self-awareness. Athletes spend much of their time getting feedback from others, be they coaches or fellow players. That helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses and explore what they enjoy doing and what they don’t. That understanding is a critical asset outside the world of sports, as well, and can help a person find their best fit in business or whatever they ultimately pursue.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Ask questions to build self-awareness
  • Develop a leadership mentality
  • Synthesize different parts of your personality
  • Identify what you enjoy and what you don’t and push for the right position
  • Think outside the box to create a competitive advantage


“Sports tends to get lumped into motivation. I wanted to make a point that we need to look at how NFL teams recruit, at how culture is built in the English Premier League, and really go deeper into the actual lessons.” -Cody Royle

“The misconception with self-awareness is that it always has to come from inside. There’s an external piece to it, as well.” -Cody Royle

“Don’t add someone on LInkedIn and just start blurting out what you do. Take some time, do some research, because the information’s out there now. You can go and learn about anyone in the world and find that one nugget you can talk to them about, knowing there’s a thousand other people trying to get in touch with them at the same time, so you have to find a way to stand out.” -Cody Royle

“I think what sports does for us all is generates that self-awareness for us and that’s what we can deploy out into the workforce or whatever your next career is going to be outside of sports.” -Cody Royle

“In reality, a lot of us just aren’t aware at all or we have blind spots and it’s only through doing the work of investing the time that you become more and more aware of it.” -Jake Thompson


You can get in touch with Cody Royle on Twitter @CodyRoyle, on IG @CodyRoyle, on Facebook or LinkedIn by searching for his name, and through his website,

There you can also find information about his Where Others Won’t podcast. You can also check out his book Where Others Won’t: Taking People Innovation from the Locker Room into the Boardroom.

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