Using Competition to Cultivate Greatness with Colby Davis Pastunek

Being a successful team means being on the same page. That goes for athletes, parents and coaches. Everyone has to have a shared goal in mind and work to achieve it.

This week, The Colony High School Lady Cougars Coach & Vice President of the Texas High School Girls Coaches Association Colby Davis shares tips for managing the expectations and abilities of a young team and all of its supporters. It comes down to having good communication at all levels and making sure everyone is invested in the end game.

Young teams can comprise players of many skill levels. Each player brings their own strengths to the team, even if it’s being the loudest cheerleader on the bench at gametime. The key to keeping players in sync with one another is to play to those strengths and help kids understand the importance of recognizing others’ successes.

It also makes them tougher competitors, if they can see what the competition is doing right and adapt to improve their own game and ultimately, win.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Seek out tough competition
  • Be sure not to overwork a young athlete
  • Let kids be role models for each other
  • Help athletes acknowledge team members’ successes
  • Practice and preach your ideal culture


“We schedule the absolute toughest opponents we can find. … That’s my mindset every single year. I don’t care if we lose in the pre-season. If we’re learning from it and it’s making us better to make a postseason run, that record doesn’t matter.”

Coach Davis

“We talk a lot about achieving individual goals. Our team, when we go into a basketball game, we have specific goals that we want to meet each quarter. I think you really try to put a focus on small victories and the fact that those small victories build up over time.” -Colby Davis

“Everybody has to take responsibility for winning. … Maybe that means you’re a cheerleader on the bench. Maybe that means you’re in there to get a key defensive stop. Everybody can do something to help us achieve what we want to achieve.” -Colby Davis

“I think that speaks to your culture right there — the things that you think are important and the things that you celebrate and preach every day.”

Coach Davis

“In coaching sometimes, I think you keep it close to your chest and everything’s a secret. But you’ve got to let these people know what your end goal is. You’ve got to communicate what your plan is for your kids. And especially these parents that have high expectations, they need to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are and where you’re looking at moving forward and where you see that kid in the program.” -Colby Davis


You can follow Coach Colby Davis on Twitter @CoachDavis10. You can also follow The Colony Lady Cougars on Twitter @TheColonyBB.

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