5 Ways to Compete in Your Career in 2019

Every day is a competition.

Except instead of someone lined up across from us on the sports field or the person next to us lifting a barbel, it’s with our ego, our comfort zone, and fear. It’s with the desire to simply “clock in and clock out” for 40+ years and waste a career while simultaneously wasting a life.

But the good news is this is a competition you can win. The most successful people you know in corporate America have learned to compete at work and win each year. They take the same approach to their health, relationships, and mindset to build the career they want, instead of like most people, reluctantly accepting the career they have.

You can compete every day to build your career and overcome the things that would try to distract and derail you. You can use that competitive fire to build the career you want to have and not just “forced to have.”

Here are five simple ways you can invest in yourself and compete to build your career.

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