Episode 28: Daren Martin, Clean the Sink

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Leave the World Better

How do you leave the world a better place than you found it? That’s what we’re talking about on this episode with the great, Dr. Daren Martin. We were connected through a mutual friend, I’ve been a guest on his show, and now I’m excited to have him on Better Than Yesterday.

Known as the Culture Architect, Dr. Daren Martin is author of the bestselling book, A Company of Owners and that’s only the beginning of his literary accomplishments. After 20 years of running his own company, Daren consulted for Fortune 500 companies on leadership, company culture, and sales psychology.

Daren shares his perspective on grinding out new books, understanding how to leave the world a better place, why we must keep growing, and other thought-provoking points.

Daren’s Journey

  • 3:00 Getting inspired to write and putting out 4 books in 1 year
  • 6:00 Starting with just 3 pages a day to create new books
  • 8:30 Creating a writing process that focuses on production

Daren Getting Motivated

  • 10:30 Learning to leave the world better than you find it
  • 14:30 Developing a mindset of stewardship
  • 17:30 Being a ‘beached whale person’ and why you need to grow

Competitive Insights

  • 4:30 When you start working on your dream, it comes together. You just have to start.
  • 19:30 Protect your early mornings. Carve out time to develop yourself.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“I was tired of talking about what I wanted to do and just started doing it.”

“Are people more energized, more passionate about life when they walk away from interacting with us?”

“If you think you’re the smartest person in the room, eventually you’ll be the only one in the room.”


Click here to order “The Sink” discussed in this episode!

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