Daron Roberts, From Harvard Law to the NFL

Change and transition are the ultimate mental negotiators. They often succeed in talking people down from the ledge of their dreams, hopes, and goals. After all, your comfort zone is full of all the same routines and surroundings — much cozier than that scary ledge. But what if you knew that beyond it, was a better version of you? Your best self? Would you challenge yourself to ignore your fear and leap?

Transition Coach Daron Roberts is an expert at helping people ‘jump off the ledge of their doubts’ but only after making some major life shifts of his own. Going from law school to the NFL, to author and lecturer at the University of Texas, Daron’s pivots taught him how to persevere through the hardships of change and take on the challenges of transition.

Through Daron’s Amazon bestselling book, Call An Audible, his course, “A Gameplan Winning at Life,” and motivational Instagram videos, he knows no bounds when it comes to inspiring others to transition into being the best version of themselves.

Some highlights and takeaways from the episode:

Transitioning out of the NFL

  • Biggest challenge was finding the discipline to structure his own day.
  • Took advantage of getting his time back with intellectual endeavors like reading and listening to podcasts.
  • Creates space for himself with daily routines including working out, cold showers, and meditation to lower his heart rate.

‘No Excuses’ Nightly routine

  • Sets every thing out needed to leave the house prepared the next morning including workout attire.
  • Bought 10 button-down navy shirts so he doesn’t have to think about what to wear.
  • Don’t have any excuse to hit snooze. Make for an easy transition and eliminate inconsequential decisions points.

Inspiration, Impact, and Creating a Course

  • Attended a reunion event at Harvard in 2016 and saw that many were unhappy with their lives.
  • Dedicated life to helping people deflate the negative impacts they’ve associated with transitions and making the next move.
  • Creating ‘A Gameplan for Winning at Life’: Ask yourself, “If you could create a class that would help someone 20 years from now, what’s sort of content would people need to navigate life at age 20 or at age 70?”
  • Don’t underestimate the value of putting positive content into the atmosphere.


  • Thought he was going to be governor of Texas.
  • In the summer before his third year at Harvard Law School, worked a football camp and loved it.
  • Chose to pursue a career in football coaching and wrote letters to NFL teams
  • Offered a training camp internship by the KC Chiefs and went on to coach with the Detroit Lions, West Virginia Mountaineers and Cleveland Browns.
  • Founded the Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation at the University of Texas where he teaches his course — A Gameplan for Winning at Life — to nearly 300 freshman student-athletes every academic year.


  • Made a goal to have his book published by the end of 2016 and wrote for two hours a day, six days a week.
  • Follows a disciplined structure and creates space for himself with daily and nightly routines.
  • Posts motivational Instagram videos to get everyone pumped for the day.


  • As a training camp intern, he beat everyone into the office, was the last guy out, sat in the back, took notes, did whatever he was told, and just kept asking for work.
  • Call An Audible walks readers from his first season as a training camp intern and provides pivot points — tips, lessons, and best practices  — for anyone wanting to make a transition from one job to the next.


“Before you make that move…you think you’re going to experience total failure, you’ll never recover. And then you get to the other side and you’re like ‘OK that stung a little but i’m still alive. I’m good!”

“I have to clear my mental space…go in my closet, sit on the floor, and try to think about absolutely nothing. That helps me to lower my heart rate and moderate tension in body.”

“You don’t know when that seed you plant is going to germinate with someone, but it’s our job to continue to put that positive content out there because people are depending on and looking for inspiration.”


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