Episode 5: Deep Fried…Fit?

Mai Lyn, Deep Fried Fit

Fried chicken – and fitness?

Dallas fitness blogger & founder of both Deep Fried Fit blog & the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors joins the Better Than Yesterday Podcast this week.

At the time we recorded this, Mai Lyn had just left her corporate job to focus on her blog. Mai Lyn shares her journey from being a part-time blogger about food & fitness, to a full-time one running a successful regional blog & creating the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors community.

There’s a lot of gold in this episode. We talk about productivity tips and the daily habits that help Mai Lyn get after the day.

Mai Lyn’s Journey

  • 2:05 Why Mai Lyn created Deep Fried Fit AND Dallas Fitness Ambassadors
  • 3:15 Creating a network for fitness bloggers and connecting offline
  • 5:40 Mai’s foodie identity and working that into a blog

Mai Lyn Getting Motivated

  • 7:15 Mai Lyn’s fitness journey and how she got past fear and negativity
  • 10:00 Jumping into her passion full time and asking herself, “Why not?”
  • 16:00 How Mai Lyn deals with travel and entrepreneurship

Competitive Insights

  • 13:16 Time is limited. Learn how to prioritize and see what is worth your time.
  • 18:40 Reel yourself back from huge dreams and keep on track.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“This is just my life. I like to eat, I like to workout.”

“It’s been an interesting journey learning what works for me.”

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s about balance and enjoying my life in a way that I’m happier with.”



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