Dr. Rob Bell, Forging Mental Toughness

Your life can change in an instant. It’s what sports psychologist Dr. Rob Bell calls a hinge moment. Hinge moments often come when you’re not expecting them, which is why it’s important to treat every day, every interaction, every conversation, and every person as though they could be that life-changing moment. That way, the hinge can connect when it needs to.

It’s one of the skills you can use to build mental toughness and can make the difference between seizing an opportunity and missing an opportunity in your life. By approaching each aspect of your daily life and interactions with the same type of vigor and appreciation you would approach a crucial moment, you can be prepared when opportunity arises.

After all, change is what gets us ahead in our pursuits and we need mental toughness to do that to the best of our ability.

What You’ll Learn

  • Build mental toughness
  • Approach each situation with awareness and openness
  • Learn to grow and practice appreciation
  • Dedicate yourself to what you want to achieve
  • Be adaptable to changes in life


“I just want everyone to have that feeling of those breakthrough moments. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the PGA tour or if it’s somebody winning the state championship.” -Dr. Rob Bell

“When we think too much, we get off on the wrong exit.” -Dr. Rob Bell

“Anybody who is going to dedicate themselves to being the best that they can be — I don’t care if it’s pogo stick or being a canopy pilot or a free climber. It doesn’t matter. It’s just being able to have that appreciation.” -Dr. Rob Bell

“When that voice starts kicking in and starts talking to us, what’s that voice saying? Regardless of the sport, we’re going to face that adversity. And I think it’s just a matter of, do we get stuck inside our own head? Do we allow that to sap our confidence?” -Dr. Rob Bell

“What’s the importance of mental toughness is it only takes one — one person, one moment, one event that can make all the difference in our lives. We just don’t know when it’s coming. That’s the piece right there. That’s what’s going to connect us with who we’re going to become.” -Dr. Rob Bell


You can follow Dr. Rob Bell on his website, drrobbell.com, on Twitter @drrobbell, and by listening to his “15 Minutes of Mental Toughness” podcast.

Order Rob’s book The Hinge here & No One Gets There Alone here.

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