Dr. Rob Carmen, Change the World One Life at a Time

From Pastor to Storytelling Master

“Stay Motivated”, “Why Serve?”, “Don’t Lose Sight” — titles of Dr. Rob Carman’s most recent blog posts (during the initial airing of this episode). They summarize a way of life for Rob and wife Ginger, as they’ve never lost sight of why they’re serving to help others stay motivated.

After founding what would turn out to be, one of the most influential churches in New Mexico, Rob saw opportunity in developing nations and shifted his focus to training the next generation of leaders. He’s spoken to over one million people and has trained 50,000 national leaders over a 70 nation span. Ginger and Dr. Carman’s ministry inspires people to take action and increase their influence in their professional and personal life.

Let’s break this down here…

Rob has not only managed to grasp the attention of his foreign audiences — he’s captivated them. His words resonate and inspire action even when they’re funneled through a translator. His impact transforms people into business leaders.

Here’s some key insights from his vault of speaking experience:

Growing Your Influence

  • Invest in your group. You’ll build greater influence and feel more fulfilled because you’re doing work that will further them.
  • Create tools and literature to get them involved.
  • Know your audience. It’ll change what you say.

Using Stories

  • Stories live. People mentally and emotionally connect with them and it changes their narrative.
  • To tell a great story, create anticipation and intrigue. Slow down when you reach the most powerful aspect of your story.

Entertain and Engage

  • If you create a form of entertainment, people perk up.
  • Rob used his translator in India to entertain a crowd of 500 pastors. It broke the crowd open and got them to respond to his message.


Jake and Rob discuss the healthy element involved with allowing yourself to get lost. It challenges you to ride out the discomfort of uncertainty and forces you to think your way out of the maze. Try taking yourself out of familiar situations and switching off autopilot. Dare yourself to forget your phone. Relearn how to be dependent on your brain and reacquaint with your instincts. Because it’s true — if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Rob wants to be remembered for helping to instill the attitude of not giving up. He would tell everyone he’s touched to continue to run their race. To keep their faith. To live for God and live a life filled with character. “If I could do that, that’d be fantastic.”


  • Raised Catholic but “wasn’t even a good Catholic.”
  • Grew a church from 35 people to 5,000
  • Transitioned out of church to train leaders in developing nations


  • Takes disadvantages and makes all of them his advantages
  • Has always had a part in him that pushes the boundaries
  • Helps infuse the attitude of not giving up


  • Create something that overrides your deficit
  • Do things that put you in arenas to where your mind turns itself on


“Everybody is a leader in some capacity.”

“You’ve got to get out of things or study things or read things or do things that put you in arenas to where your mind turns itself on or else it won’t. It just goes to sleep.”

“Know your audience. Turn around and look at who you’re talking to.”


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