How to Excel Under Pressure

Competitors SHINE when the stakes are highest.⁣

Jake shares what it means to be “clutch” in high-pressure situations and how leaders train themselves to perform at their best when the pressure is highest.

You’ll learn:

  • The three keys to prepare for your high-pressure moment
  • What five things you have 100% control of – and need to do in every big moment.
  • Why pressure is actually a privilege
  • How you can train yourself to perform at your best under pressure.

Mentioned in this episode:

When You Prepare:

  • Get quality repetitions in
  • Practice visualization
  • Build your positive self-talk

When You Perform:

  • Control your breathing
  • Trust your preparation
  • Be your own cheerleader – talk to yourself!
  • View the moment as an opportunity to thrive – it’s a privilege
  • Act as if you’ve been there

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Episode 183