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Grant Parr defined himself as an athlete. For years, he played every sport he could; he was a quarterback, ran track and field, played baseball, and more. But when he was in college, an injury threw his life off course. He gave up sports and for decades, avoided walking down memory lane. He wanted to keep the past in the past and not revisit the games he felt he couldn’t play anymore. In his late 30s, he had a hip replacement which led to complications and left him disabled. He ended up in a doctor’s office again, but this time something was different. The doctor told Parr that when he finished his final procedure, he’d be “running into life.” 

He took months to emotionally and mentally prepare himself for the surgery and when it was over, his first words off the table were, “I’m back.” Now in his 40s, Parr is helping others develop the growth mindset he learned to foster in himself. He’s an author and speaker and someone who doesn’t let challenges get in his way anymore. He shares tips for how to mentally manage the COVID-19 pandemic and find opportunities for creativity and new pursuits by staying present in the moment, even as the future is unpredictable.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. In the now How Grant Parr is using the COVID-19 slowdown as an opportunity for growth 
  2. Connecting to craft How he allows creativity in one area of life to transform into inspiration in another
  3. A forgotten identity When his sports injury in college leads to a loss of identity and a major life change
  4. Paradigm shift How a doctor helps him run back into life and create new possibility in his 40s

What You’ll Learn:

  • Be intentional with actions and thoughts
  • Maintain critical connections
  • Allow creativity to flourish
  • Be protective of your energy
  • Focus on what you can control


“My whole goal is to get you to play present — play present within your athletics, play present within the workplace, play present in relationships and life. My goal is to give you a process you can tap into in the moment, so you can have more control with your thoughts and emotions.” -Grant Parr

“I think rhythm is huge. There’s so many parts of our lives where if we can establish rhythm and routine, we’re going places.” -Grant Parr


You can follow Grant Parr and GameFace Performance on Twitter and Instagram @GFPMindset, on Facebook and Youtube as @GameFacePerformance or, check out his website! Also, be sure to check out his podcast, “90% Mental,” and his book, The Next One Up Mindset: How to Prepare for the Unknown

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