Dr. Greg Wells, How to Reach Our Peak Potential

Being present in the moment can help us build the confidence we need to move forward. That happens by never forgetting to look back and appreciate where we’ve come from and what we’ve already done. This week’s guest is Dr. Greg Wells, a scientist, professor, podcaster, and author on peak human performance. He shares his story of overcoming a serious injury as a teenager and using that strength to propel him through future challenges later in life.

Success doesn’t come easy. It’s not something that can be built with talent alone. It takes hard work, consistency, and grit. It takes persevering past setbacks and recognizing the strength you already possess. By seeing how far you’ve come, you can better understand how far you can go.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Deconstruct large tasks to make them manageable
  • Understand that consistency over time leads to mastery
  • Build confidence by appreciating what you’ve already accomplished
  • Practice gratitude for a healthy mindset
  • Seek out challenges to overcome


“If you really set your mind to doing something, you can absolutely do it. Never listen to the naysayers.” – Dr. Greg Wells

Never allow anyone to determine the quality of your life or what you want to do with your life.” -Dr. Greg Wells

“The greatest things in life that you achieve are the ones that are the hardest to achieve.” -Dr. Greg Wells

What is essential for us as high achievers is to look back and to appreciate how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished, especially in the last three months, six months, a year, and that is, in fact, what gives you the confidence to move forward.” -Dr. Greg Wells

Daily gratitude is an incredible practice to bring you back into the moment.” -Dr. Greg Wells


You can find out more about Dr. Greg Wells on his website, drgregwells.com. You can also follow him across social media using his handle, @drgregwells.

He also hosts a podcast (here), which is available on his website. He’s also written several books, including Superbodies and The Ripple Effect.

Dr. Greg Wells

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