Goal Crushing with Gym Gypsy Founder Vanessa Bennington

Your past doesn’t have to define you. Every day, you have the power to choose how you want to show up and what person you want to be. This week, athlete and Gym Gypsy founder Vanessa Bennington talks about the transformative power of self-reflection, journaling, and changing daily habits to break your own mold.

All through high school and into her 20s, Bennington struggled with an eating disorder. She was trying to beat her genes and stay fit as an adult — but was doing it in a dangerous and self-destructive way. Then, she found CrossFit and started journaling every day. Now, she owns her own company which makes a line of fitness and life journals, so others can use writing to change their circumstances. Writing slows you down and makes you think about your choices, she says. It helps you practice gratitude and figure out how you can move past your past and on to a better future.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Be tenacious in pursuing your goals
  • Figure out what hasn’t worked in the past
  • Identify your excuses in order to quit them
  • Don’t let failure be the end
  • Remember your history doesn’t have to define you


“Writing helps. For me, it’s slower. You have to think about forming a sentence. It makes you more aware of what you’re doing. I really think that writing stuff down and taking the time to do it makes the biggest difference over time.” -Vanessa Bennington

“I think those everyday little habits of getting into the right mindset and reviewing what you’re doing and not doing can change your life significantly.” -Vanessa Bennington

“That is the definition of success — failing and then getting back up and trying again. That is the key to success, is just to keep trying.” -Vanessa Bennington

“If you want to change your circumstances or your life in any significant way, you have to change how you think about yourself and you have to start showing up as that person.” -Vanessa Bennington

“Just because your lineage, your history, your past has been a certain thing, you’re not confined to that. Just because you try to change that path once or twice and it doesn’t work out, it’s the continual process of working toward it.” -Jake Thompson


Find Gym Gypsy’s new new spring journal on their website, gym-gypsy.com. You can get in touch with Vanessa Bennington on Instagram @avanessabennington. You can also follow Gym Gypsy on Instagram @gym.gypsy.


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