Hannah Huesman, Philadelphia Phillies Mental Performance Coach

If there’s one message Hannah Huesman wants to share, it’s how important it is to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to building mental skills and health. Huesman is the mental performance coach for the Philadelphia Phillies and on this week’s show, she shares tips for gaining self-awareness and not getting negatively stuck in your own head.

Humans have inherent negative bias when it comes to self-evaluation, Huesman says. That means, we have a tendency to focus on the bad things that happen and let them color our days or experiences. It can be easy to say you had a bad day, but Huesman challenges that assumption. She asks, was it really a bad day, or just a bad five minutes during the day? By doing daily mental check-ins and incorporating thoughtfulness and mindfulness in our everyday lives, we can work to be actively self-aware and evaluate our situations more accurately, which will lead to greater happiness down the road.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Do mental check-ins every day
  • Practice mental workouts along with physical ones
  • Evaluate your self-evaluation
  • Understand the importance of mental health and happiness
  • Be aware of inherent negative bias


The very first message I give anybody is all about awareness. Typically, if you’re in your own head or in your own way or really down or whatever you’re experiencing, you have to know what’s going on inside your mind before you can do anything about it. I think that self-awareness piece is seriously overlooked.

Hannah Huesman

Self-evaluation is making sure you’re not sugar-coating or lying to yourself about how you’re doing or how you’re performing.

Hannah Huesman

“As humans, we have that natural negative bias, where that’s the only thing we can hold onto.” -Hannah Huesman

“Everything mental starts with awareness … and bringing awareness to what’s creating those different mindsets.” -Hannah Huesman

I really do believe that you can be the fittest person and you can have all the money and you can have the best job and the prettiest spouse, but if you’re not mentally healthy or mentally happy, do any of those even matter? Because it’s never going to be enough.

Hannah Huesman

It’s not about what you’re born with, it’s about what you choose to build.

Jake Thompson


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