Holly “Lil Bear” Lawson, Pro Fighter & Celebrity Trainer

Holly “Lil Bear” Lawson is a former top-five Welterweight contender female professional boxer, a Bellator MMA fighter and a celebrity trainer who trained actress Rosamund Pike, star of the blockbuster movie Gone Girl.

In this episode, Jake dive in Holly’s professional and personal journey, her victories and challenges, and how she overcame and triumph. Holly shares how she uses her life experiences to motivate her clients especially women who gone traumatic experiences to understand, assess and learn from that vulnerability to bring growth and strength to their lives.

Maintain focus

  • How boxing helped Holly in her weight loss journey and gain self-confidence.
  • How embracing unfamiliarity moving from LA to Texas brought growth to Holly
  • Know Holly’s story how she restarted her life from an overpowering abusive relationship

Holly’s Counter Punch in Life

  • Holly maintained her network especially with her best friend constantly talking to her for her not to feel isolated when she moved from LA to Lubbock, Texas
  • Holly keeping her network open to building relationship with other people
  • Holly’s decision to move out to the abusive relationship that she was in
  • After understanding the trauma that she has been and assessing what she has experienced revealed how capable she was


  • a professional boxer and an MMA fighter
  • a celebrity personal trainer and life coach
  • mentoring women who has been in abusive relationships


  • her ideal is to make her client the baddest version of themselves and make them a superhero
  • the mental drives the physical growth to a lot of degrees which involves the discipline and the motivation
  • Holly works for her love to help people, not for money
  • Holly’s passion to provide the platform and the space for people who consider themselves “others” to be badass 


  • the people that have that swagger and confidence is unstoppable in every aspect of their lives
  • Holly embracing unfamiliarity of Texas that helped her to grow as a person overcoming her childhood trauma and brought a lot of self-work.
  • The need to analyze where you at in your life and look what is not working, where do you want to go, what is your place in the problem, what have you been carrying around that held you back so long.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“My deal is I want everybody to be a superhero.”

“I think sometimes you’ll find pockets in your life where it’s rockier and you struggle but those are the times that you need to look inwards.”

“Success is all relative and happiness is purely personal. But the second you stop chasing either and living to start making change for others less fortunate than you, will be the exact moment both of the former will come to you.”

In this episode, Holly leads us through the difficulties that granted her the strength and ability to become a successful fighter. We emphasize the importance of introspective thinking and ensuring that after tough times we do everything in our power to support and grow from the experience. Holly’s in-depth look into her fighting journey is one of the most inspiring stories of the Better Than Yesterday podcast.

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Time Points

03:49 Who is Holly Lawson?

05:18 Holly’s Advice To Becoming A Superhero

23:30 The importance of introspective thinking

41:54 Creating a goal gave Holly back her purpose

47:57 Becoming introspective on past traumas is vital to seeing your capabilities

55:49 The success advice you have never heard before

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