Run Toward Failure with Hunter Clark, Adaptive Training Foundation

Why do you think you can’t do something? Is it because you really can’t do it? Because someone said you couldn’t? Or is it because you’re afraid of failure, so you just haven’t tried to do it? Hunter Clark is the director of operations and programs for the Adaptive Training Foundation, a non-profit that provides training to people with physical disabilities to transform their lives. This week, he shares tips about conquering the fear of failure through sharing stories of the military vets he’s worked with who overcome great obstacles on a daily basis.

The later you fail, the harder you fall, which is why it’s important to push your own boundaries as often as you can. Comfort zones may keep us happy—to a certain degree—but they also hold us back. Only by challenging ourselves to do things we never thought possible can we truly test our mettle and find out what we’re made of. It’s self-competition at its greatest. Once we’re no longer afraid of failing or falling, we can always get back up again, outcompete ourselves every day, and end each week stronger than we started.

About Hunter:

Hunter found fitness after he found himself weighing in at 340lbs as a junior in high school. Through the help of many people smarter than him he transformed himself with losing over 140lbs in two years and was thrust into a position of helping others through the things he struggled with himself his entire life.

His perspective and engagement in all things productive landed him on the doorstep of the Adaptive Training Foundation where he has the luxury of investing into some of the most inspiration and incredible athletes around the nation.

Currently, Hunter serves as the Director of Operations and Programs of the Adaptive Training Foundation where the mission is to redefine what’s possible for those living with physical disabilities. ATF’s program is rooted around lifestyle design and empowerment. They use failure, tools, habits, and strategies to rewrite the narrative from getting back to what used to be into what could be possible in the future. It’s an expectation for our athletes to do things they’ve never done before and accomplish the seemingly impossible. They train them like their professional athletes and utilize every individual that walks into their doors as a value add to their environment of just making people more awesome.​

What You’ll Learn:

  • Adapt to your limitations and make them your strengths
  • Overcome your fear of failure to unlock your potential
  • Hit the mental pause button and adjust your head space for success
  • Challenge preconceived notions about what you can and can’t do
  • Question your comfort zone and push your own boundaries


Satisfaction and being normal is boring. Everyone knows that.” – Hunter Clark

Don’t let society limit what your possibilities are.” – Hunter Clark

“Failure is our driving force training-wise. We want athletes to fail. We want them to be comfortable failing. We want them to fall. We want them to get back up. We want them to keep going. We want them to understand that threshold.” – Hunter Clark

Unless you’re challenged to step outside of that current situation, you will be stuck. You will stay there. You will be confined and believe it’s the circumstance. But once are put into a position where you force yourself to step out beyond that, you can find out what you’re truly capable of.” – Jake Thompson


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