Episode 12: Jeremy Thiel, CrossFit Central

Do It in Excellence and Obedience

In this episode I’m joined by Jeremy Thiel. In 2005, Jeremy was introduced to CrossFit. Immediately, he knew he had discovered the path he’d been seeking since he first started training. This was not just a game he was going to play, but something he was going take part in that would effect positive change on a large scale. Naturally he dove in head first.

Jeremy felt the best way to learn was through action. Action, hard work, dedication, and discipline were the tools he utilized to take $500 and build a million dollar garage gym facility, CrossFit Central, in less than three years. In 2005, Jeremy along with his sister Carey started by running boot camps in parks all around Austin. He worked from his one bedroom apartment day in and day out blogging, emailing and programming; strong relationships sprouted out of his emphasis on the importance of being heavily involved in the Austin fitness community.

We talk about Jeremy’s journey to CrossFit and starting a gym, how he manages all his projects including a new podcast, and what’s coming up for him in 2017.

Jeremy’s Journey

  • Diving head first into health and nutrition as a preteen
  • Being a high school athlete and losing that identity in college
  • Finding a new identity as a CrossFit athlete
  • Starting a CrossFit gym and experiencing huge growth

Jeremy Getting Motivated

  • Learning about emotions and hormones and how they affect the decisions we make
  • Reverting to basic breath training to reorchestrate his perception of reality
  • Creating the Amplify Podcast and shining light on the human story
  • Doing the ‘daily dozen’ to reap health benefits and improve life quality

Competitive Insights

  • Everyone is struggling on some form. Let’s do this together. We can all partner to become out best selves.
  • It’s all about the team and the people you surround yourself with. Understanding personalities and how to organize them around a vision determines how things work out.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“Breathing is the crux to a lot of creation mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”

“I don’t do real good doing what everyone else is doing. I like to be a forerunner and do what’s next.”

“When I’m an A player, I attract A players to my team, and we can move the ball down the field.”


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