Train Yourself to Break the Impossible with Joel Runyon

How you do anything is how you do everything. That’s one of Joel Runyon’s guiding principles in life. This week, Runyon shares his story of going from living in his parents’ basement and being jobless to founding his own brand and becoming the youngest person to run ultra marathons on every continent. It all started with singling out one goal on his list and seeing it through to completion.

A lot of people have the tendency to sabotage themselves before they even begin. That comes from getting stuck in your own head. It’s easy to think that what’s going on in your head accurately reflects reality, but often, that’s not the case. You’re capable of much more than you think you are; you just have to challenge yourself to push past those mental boundaries and get to the finish line. Once you recognize how your mind is setting your limitations, you can move past them, like Runyon did. Then, you can do the things you used to think were impossible.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Finish what you start
  • Seek out mental challenges to overcome
  • Choose one goal to start working toward
  • Don’t self-sabotage before you begin
  • Make the decision not to go quietly


“Impossible’s not a statement; it’s a challenge. Going after something impossible is the correct way to go about things and it’s the correct way to live a more adventurous life, live a better story, and do the things that actually matter.” -Joel Runyon

“Most of the things that are worth doing seem difficult, seem really damn hard, and seem impossible, and going through it, you’re going to want to quit a million times over. If you do something that’s sufficiently worthwhile to do, it should be almost impossible.” -Joel Runyon

“If you go after something that’s hard, if you go after something that’s worthwhile, it always seems impossible until you do it. Then you kind of open up a whole new realm of what you think you’re capable of and what you have reference for and then you can continue to do more and more.” -Joel Runyon

“If you want something, you can go after it and everything has a price. You just have to be willing to pay the price.” -Joel Runyon

“If I show up to the start line, I’m getting to the finish line.” -Joel Runyon


You can find out more about Joel Runyon on his website at The IMPOSSIBLE blog can be found at You can check out his Cold Shower Therapy Ted Talk on Youtube at Also, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @joelrunyon.

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