Jose Vazquez, Texas Rangers Strength & Conditioning Coach

Community is foundation and a team is a community. Jose Vazquez is the strength coach for the Texas Rangers. This week, we hear from him about the importance of partnership and support in building healthy, cohesive, and competitive teams through stories from his time working in major league baseball. Vazquez shares tips for how to better yourself while keeping other people’s needs in mind.

Competition is vital for teams, but learning to compete in a way that doesn’t harm others in the process is just as important. There are teams, groups, and partnerships both on the field and in everyday life. The differences in strengths and weaknesses of individuals within those is what makes them unique. Through thoughtful competition and personal accountability, you can learn to bring out the best in each person and build a community of people that keep their eye on the prize and look out for one another.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Succeed by placing ego to the side and putting others first
  • See failure as a learning opportunity
  • Find accountability through teammates and partnerships
  • Go back to your foundations for inspiration
  • Seek personal growth through building knowledge every day 


There’s a big misconception that in order for you to be successful, you have to get yours. In reality, those people who put others first and are considerate of those around them … (that) outlook on life brings them more opportunities, brings them more wealth, brings them more connections, more friendships and those are the truly rich people—those who can put their ego aside and think of others first.” -Jose Vazquez

Group training creates accountability and within reason, it creates a little bit of competition. They push each other.” -Jose Vazquez

“Sport teaches you how to handle failure. I think that is probably the biggest cause of people quitting in life, in general. When you fail, most people don’t know how to process that. They don’t know how to accept the benefit of failure. They think of failure as an ultimatum, as a situation that you can’t get back up from … Failure is just an opportunity to learn something.” -Jose Vazquez

“We’re going to fail at something throughout the rest of our lives and how we handle that is key.” -Jake Thompson


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