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As a sports psychologist, Dr. Julie Bell is focused on relationships. It’s through the coaching relationship she builds with athletes, entrepreneurs, mothers, and many others that she can tailor her approach to each specific person, and that people can find support through their various endeavors and changes in life. However, despite the differences, the common thread that often runs through these challenges is the need for a mindset shift. After all, while it can be easier to change the small things, it’s often a look inside that’s needed most.

When it comes to working with both children and adults, the key to making lasting change to a person’s habits is to bring focus and accountability into the equation. It’s important to reinforce the behaviors you want to see, rather than those you don’t. That allows people to picture positive outcomes instead of focusing on negatives. It also paves the way to celebrate all of the things that lead to success and not just tick a box when something is accomplished. By putting these tools into practice, people can reshape how they approach change and create a lasting effect.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Challenges are both physical and mental
  • Coaches can help at different stages in life
  • Celebrate the path to victory, rather than just the outcome
  • Encourage behaviors you want to see repeated
  • Focus on the relationship process


“If someone is working with me, I’ll ask them if they compete better than they practice and if the answer is no, then it’s not part of your physical game, it’s your mental game, so we open up that conversation.” -Dr. Julie Bell

“We go through so many transitions and so many seasons, it’s nice to have a thinking partner to go through it with you.” -Dr. Julie Bell

“I think, for us, one of the things I’m most conscious of is helping my kids learn to think about what to do, rather than what not to do. Instead of ‘stop running,” it’s ‘walking feet.’” -Dr. Julie Bell

“The way you celebrate success determines your future success. Do you celebrate the win or do you celebrate how you got the win? … If we reinforce what we did to get there, then it’s more likely we’re going to see that again.” -Dr. Julie Bell

“A lot of times people will say, ‘Wow, you’re really pivoting, you’ve got your percentages up. If we could just get you to 90 percent.’ And so you have this moment for growth and confidence and instead we create more doubt because (they think) I am never going to be enough for you. Save your coaching for another time. We don’t always have to coach through to correction. A lot of times we can just coach for motivation and helping people recognize success.” -Dr. Julie Bell


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